“I gave this to my good friend a few days before she went in for a double mastectomy. I explained the story of the traveling pendant as she opened it and she just wept. It was so powerful – the connection that was created in that moment and the strength both of us felt from each other in the exchange. Because of the idea behind it, it became so much more than a piece of jewelry…” 

Nancy #54#travelingpendant #sftj #strengthforthejourney #wearshareconnect


“When I saw this it spoke to me right away. I had just lost my mom, my best friend, the woman with the strength of 100 men. I was paralyzed in grief. I saw this and immediately was reminded of my own strength, and so I bought one for me, from me. They are beautiful and very weighty. My number is 76…I wear it to remind myself my mom would want me to keep moving forward even when I just feel like sitting down to cry. I love the idea of passing it on – which I plan to do, when I’m ready and I find the right person.”
Kim S


I loved this idea so much I purchased 2; one I’m keeping to remind myself that I have inner strength that I don’t always remember I can tap into (#113).  Also, because reading out and connecting with others renews my strength, wearing it, feeling its solid weight, reminds me to make those connections.  Finally, it reminds me that my biggest strength come from God and He gives me strength for my journey.

The second necklace I will give away when I find someone who needs some strength for their own journey.  What a loving gesture for another.

Dayton, Ohio


A friends gave me a traveling pendant as a gift during a difficult time in my life.  The last of my 4 boys had just graduated from high school, and for the first time in 25 years I wasn’t going to have any of my children living under my roof.  I was apprehensive about this new chapter and my good friend on day stopped over for coffee and handed me a cute little sack, and inside was the traveling pendant that said “Strength for the Journey.”  It was just so inspiring and I love the idea that when I’m ready, I can inspire someone else on their journey by giving it away.  I can’t wait to see where it travels and whose stories it will carry.

Dayton, Ohio