I bought this to replace my original necklace.  I chose the pendant with the “cross” because it is a tangible reminder that with Jesus, He gives me the strength to get through anything!

K. Turner


My friends sent me the pendant after my mother died to let me know that they are always with me and to give me “strength for the journey.” I am ready to pass on to my friend who is embarking on her grief journey after the loss of her father.



I didn’t receive my pendant from anyone. I purchased it because I wanted to have the opportunity to pass it on to another. So I am ready. I love the concept of this pendant!

J. Porter


I received pendant 306 from my husband a few years ago. To be honest, I wasn’t really going through anything (or at least wasn’t aware I was at the time) and my husband purchased it to support our dear friend who makes them. I wore it to support her and because I loved the unique idea behind it. Fast forward to year 2020 when the world quite literally stopped. As a result of the COVID pandemic, I ended up laid off, my small business temporarily closed down and I was homeschooling my kids. Things were not ok. My anxiety was through the roof. I found myself, daily, physically clinging to my pendant like my life depended on it. The weight of this little necklace brought me comfort and peace and somehow told me everything was going to be ok. And you know what, it was. I came out on the other side of what seemed, to me, like catastrophe and now it’s time to pass it along to someone who needs it more than I do right now.

L. Deck


I received my pendant as a birthday gift from my friend Christa. I knew this pendant meant a lot to her and as she was on her journey of sharing 11 pendants with 11 people, I happened to be the last one. Number 11. I’ve been on my own journey trying to find my place in this world and create something beautiful for the people around me and this pendant reminds me that I am strong and capable of achieving that goal no matter who or what tries to bring me down. One day, I hope to pass this along to someone who needs that same reminder.



My husband and I would very much like to start a family, however, we are experiencing fertility challenges. We are about to take a big step in our fertility journey. My hope is that my traveling pendant will provide a daily reminder to have strength and hope during the next phase of our fertility journey.

K. Wilson


Journey begins 5/11/21 in Dayton, Ohio.

K. Peterson


I was gifted this pendant by my lovely therapist, Kim, to encourage me while I went through breast cancer treatment.

E. Anderson


Journey begins 5/11/21 in Dayton, Ohio.

K. Peterson


This necklace gave me strength in a time of uncertainty. I treasured it until it was time to pass it along.

M. Peterson


I lost my daughter as a baby, little did I know tragedy would come again and I would lose my 16 year old son. Some days are harder than others but we cannot give up the fight. We have to keep going each and every day. As I continue my journey I have encouraged people to keep going even when times get tough. We are here to help others as well as ourselves. May you all find some comfort and joy in this journey of life. God Bless! ❤️

Sandy O.


I was given this traveling pendant from my neighbor, Beth. Her husband passed away in November of 2020. I was diagnosed with lung cancer in August of 2020. I have never smoked. I had ovarian cancer in 2006.Just had my right lung removed in December of 2020. Now I am taking keytruda and have been diagnosed with adrenal cancer. I do not know when my surgery is for this yet. Please pray for me. I am 67 years old. My heart goes out to anyone who has cancer. I want to see my grandchildren grow up, they are 9 and 5 years old. Thanks for reading my story.