I received pendant 306 from my husband a few years ago. To be honest, I wasn’t really going through anything (or at least wasn’t aware I was at the time) and my husband purchased it to support our dear friend who makes them. I wore it to support her and because I loved the unique idea behind it. Fast forward to year 2020 when the world quite literally stopped. As a result of the COVID pandemic, I ended up laid off, my small business temporarily closed down and I was homeschooling my kids. Things were not ok. My anxiety was through the roof. I found myself, daily, physically clinging to my pendant like my life depended on it. The weight of this little necklace brought me comfort and peace and somehow told me everything was going to be ok. And you know what, it was. I came out on the other side of what seemed, to me, like catastrophe and now it’s time to pass it along to someone who needs it more than I do right now.

L. Deck

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