My name is Martha. At this point, I have just finished my sophomore year and the University of South Carolina, where I study Marine Biology and am an active member of Chi Omega.

My mom gave this pendant to me because I’ve been struggling quite a bit. It’s May of 2020, and I’ve been isolated in my bedroom for about a week now, since I tested positive for COVID-19. So, the past 7 days have included a lot of movie watching and day dreaming. My mom knows I have big dreams of traveling the world and making change, so she gave me this pendant to represent well-wishes on whatever journey I take. I look forward to someday passing this symbol of strength onto another wandering soul like my own, and I can’t wait to see where it ends up.

If you have this now – Hi! It’s me, who started it all. May it bring you joy and strength, and may it lead you to wherever you are meant to be.


Martha M.

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