I friend of mine told me about “Strength for the Journey” and it wasn’t till months later while suffering from postpartum depression that I realized I could use a reminder that I am strong and can weather the mental storm I was going through. Over the past year I’ve reflected on many ups and downs. Some days are better than others. Having the pendant and its weight against my chest was a constant reminder that I will get through this. I hope when the time comes to pass it on, they too will find their inner strength for their journey.


passed to…Peyton

While friends come everyday to make sure we are ok, one of my old but good friends came and gave me this necklace and said this is a “Strength For The Journey” necklace and she explained what it does and so I immediately looked up the website and was willing to start sharing my story…only being 9 my mom was first diagnosed with brain cancer and beat it, when I was 11 it came back, and now I just turned 13 and realizing how much she’s changed and how much she can’t do so now she just lies in bed most of the day and we spend our days off of school with her and just knowing that she only has a few weeks left to survive and know for the rest of my life I won’t have a mom she won’t be there when I graduate and when I have my first child and when I can officially drive but I do know that she’s watching from some place much better than the world we are living in, and so whoever I send this necklace over to I hope they know how important it is not to lose faith and to keep moving on!

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