I received my pendant today in a little package, which is ironic, since just yesterday I published a blog about how uplifting cards and small packages are to receive. You see, Pendant #122 was wholly unexpected and so very cherished because it is from my son, daughter-in-law, and three grandkids who make my world a loving place. Yes, I cried and am crying while writing this…but they are tears of joy and hopes that I will gain strength from the pendant, but more from the love and support that it embodies. I have Stage 4 renal cancer carcinoma, a very unique and aggressive form that began with a kidney removal and removal of a thrombus from my IVC back in November 2016. Today it has metastasized and I try to stay strong and fight this so I can pass Pendant #122 on to someone who can gather it’s strength as well.


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